As the world becomes advanced and social media is on hype, our data could not be more safe and up for grabs. So, in this condition, data protection is much more important through mechanisms like DSARs. It gives valuable insight to individuals to understand how companies or organizations use their data and allows them to manage their privacy conveniently. For this reason, the General Data Protection Regulation has come forward and plays an important role. This regulation safeguards individuals’ personal data.

All About DSAR And Its purpose

DSAR is a Data Subject Access Request, a request from any individual to a company or organization to obtain information about the personal data the organization holds about them. It is the best way to maintain transparency and accountability in this advanced world. DSAR allows customers to access their data and gives them full control, such as deletion, modification, and management, whether they share it.

Are DSARs is the latest Mechanism

No, DSARs are not new; different organizations and companies have been using them and getting many benefits for years. However, recent consumer data privacy keeps a lot of changes and brought more attention to the importance of DSARs in controlling their personal information. It is a powerful tool that allows control of users’ requests regarding their data and keeps everything transparent and responsive.

Difference between DSARs or DSRs

The terms DSARs and DSRs are interchangeable, and both are essential and play an important role in data privacy. Let’s dive in and know the distinction between DSARs and DSRs:


DSARs, or Data Subject Request Access, specifically focus on individuals requesting access to organizations’ data. They give individuals the right to review and obtain a copy of the data being processed about them.


DSRs are also known as Data Subject Requests (DSRs). This term is broader and encompasses the various requests made by data subjects regarding their personal data. DSRs include DSARs and other requests such as data erasure, data rectification, data portability, restrictions, and objections to processing.

Who has the right to submit a DSAR?

The question is, who has the right to submit a DSAR? The person whose personal data is being processed by an organization has the right to submit a Data Subject Access Request.

It is a great way to get all the information about your data and allows you to access and review their personal information. This way, you have full control over your data privacy and can handle your personal information as you want.

Can DSAR be submitted on behalf of others

Yes, in different scenarios, it’s totally fine to submit a DSAR on behalf of someone else:

  • If someone wants another person, such as a friend or lawyer, to make a DSAR for them, it’s fine; they can easily do that.
  • Parents and guardians have the right to make DSAR on behalf of their children.
  • If individuals don’t have this situation to manage their own affairs, they have given someone power of attorney to do so.

Requirements and preparation for DSARs

preparation for DSARs

Here, we discuss the requirements and preparations for submitting DSARs. DSARs can easily be submitted verbally or in writing. You can file directly from the phone or fill out the form.
The individual simply requests to get valuable insights into their data and get access to their processing data. So, the organization is responding timely to the request.
The organization verifies the identity of the requested access individual via email or photo identification. Organizational DPOs, or Data Protection Officers, handle data privacy matters and can manage requests efficiently.

How long do the organizations take time to respond to DSAR

The organization has a time frame for responding to data subjects’ requests for access. According to GDPR, organizations typically take one month to respond to DSARs after receiving the request.
However, if the requests are numerous or complex, the organization may extend the deadline and explain the reason for the extension.

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