GDPR for Landlords

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Landlords First, let’s understand what GDPR really is. In simple terms, GDPR is a set of standardised rules created by the European Union, aimed at guiding the handling and storage of personal information within the member states. The regulations are meant to apply to anyone or any organisation that’s …

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The 7 principles of GDPR

The 7 principles of GDPR Back in 2018, after years of preparation, the long-planned data protection reforms came into effect across Europe. Referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the reforms aimed to modernise the laws that protected individual personal information. Before then, the laws that were in place were almost decades old, …

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A Short Guide to GDPR

A Short Guide to GDPR The European Data Protection Regulation (DPR) is an EU regulation which sets out the rules that businesses, organisations and people have to abide by if they wish to make personal data a private affair. For businesses, who wish to safeguard customer information, this regulation helps them ensure that their employees …

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