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Are you a business owner who has been living under the assumption that GDPR is not going to affect your company? It may be time for an audit. As of May 25th, 2018, all businesses need to comply with GDPR regulations or face hefty fines.

It is understandable that many companies don’t know where to start when preparing for the GDPR or where they stand with regards to GDPR compliance. GDPR audit reports allow you to see exactly how compliant or non-compliant your organisation is with regards to GDPR principles ensuring that, if necessary, remedial action can be taken immediately. Audits are carried out by GDPR experts, who conduct extensive desk research and interviews with key GDPR personnel in order to determine the nature of an organisations GDPR compliance programme, where it is strong and where there are deficiencies.

Guidance from a reputable professional specialising in Data Protection will save you time, money and stress as well as ensure your business is future proofed for ongoing GDPR compliance requirements.

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What Is A GDPR Audit

A GDPR audit is a process of analysing your company’s data and determining where you are at risk for non-compliance. This includes understanding the risks, identifying gaps in compliance, assessing the impact on your business, and developing a plan to address any identified gaps. The audit will create awareness about what needs to be done to become compliant with GDPR standards. It also helps in staying compliant when new regulations come into play that may affect how you handle personal information collected from customers or employees.
The GDPR Audit provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of your digital privacy management procedures and systems.

Importance of A GDPR Audit

A GDPR audit is essential for companies that need expert GDPR advice in order to reassure customers, partners and regulators that their GDPR compliance programme is adequate.

A GDPR audit is also recommended if your organisation has always considered it to be GDPR compliant but due to GDPR requirements and / or other external factors (e.g. a recent merger/acquisition, hack etc.) you are not certain that GDPR principles are being consistently applied across the whole of your GDPR programme.

To carry out an effective GDPR audit, it requires experienced GDPR consultants who will interview key personnel within your organisation, comprehensively review all GDPR documentation (including policies, procedures and practices) as well as interview customers and partners before providing recommendations for remedial action along with clear advice on how best drive GDPR compliance forward within an organisation.

GDPR compliance requirements vary from organisation to organisation; a GDPR audit can highlight key data responsibilities within your organisation.