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Does data mapping matter for GDPR?

Every business that works with personal data is required to map and document the flow of that data. This is a difficult process because it requires you to identify every single person whose personal information your company has collected, where it came from, and how you use it.

Mapping out all this information can be an incredibly time consuming task especially if there are hundreds or thousands of documents involved. It’s also very easy for mistakes to happen during the mapping process which could lead to serious consequences in case any law enforcement agency would ever audit your systems.

Our Data Mapping is a full service solution for those struggling to keep up with the complex, often contradictory and ever-changing data privacy laws. It simplifies this whole process by automatically scanning your entire IT infrastructure for documents containing personal data and then creating a visual representation of those documents so you can easily see what needs updating, deleting or improving without having to do any manual work yourselfWhether you are just starting out or have been running a business since day one, we will help you understand the data flows and where personal information could leak out of your system through third parties. We use our expertise in policy compliance to provide practical solutions that reduce risks and get results without getting in the way of your business operations.

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What Is Data Mapping

Data mapping is the process of identifying all data that you have in your possession or control and classifying it according to its type. It also includes documenting where this data resides, who has access to it, how long you store it for etc. The goal of a data map is to provide an inventory of all personal information assets within your organisation so that they can be managed appropriately under GDPR regulations.

Data mapping may include data subjects that are both active customers or prospects as well as those who are not connected with your organisation. In other words, data subject means any individual whose personal information is processed by your company. The objective of this step is for your business system to make sure that every single customer’s data is protected under GDPR law. Failure to do so will cost you dearly.

Hire A GDPR Consultant for Data Mapping

According to the GDPR, you as a company are required to obtain explicit consent from data subjects before collecting their personal information. GDPR also emphasises the need for transparency and control when it comes to gathering data from your customers or prospects.

A GDPR consultant will help your business to create a GDPR compliant environment which means that it will have a solid understanding on how GDPR law works and how it will affect your business.

Data mapping is one of the GDPR solutions that a GDPR consultant can help you with. GDPR data mapping is a technique used to map personal information or PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and collect it into an identifiable format so that the GDPR team of your business will know where to look for the info required by GDPR law.

GDPR compliance is not a one-time event; it's an ongoing process that needs to be continuously monitored and updated as your organisation evolves.